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Fueltank Revisions

Fuel-Tanks Revision and Inspection

Our environmental protection department carries out the legally required tank inspections and rectifies any defects after consultation with the customer.

Our service-offer for Fuel-Tanks

  • Tank inspection according to legal requirements
  • Test for leaks. If necessary, replace hoses, connections, seals etc.
  • Test the installed pumps for leaks and function
  • Replace dome cover if necessary
  • Replace safety labels if necessary
  • Set up and dent tank outer shell
  • Repaint and label

You're in trouble!

Dented, rusty, missing or illegible number plates, in the worst case even leaking? Since the regulations have been tightened, police checks take place almost daily. There is a threat of severe fines for the operating company and possibly for the driver. Depending on the situation, the fuel tank can be shut down by the authorities!

For security, environment and image

A reconditioned and inspected tank is good for safety, for the environment and for the image of your company. Last but not least, it will save you a lot of trouble and fines.