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RUBAG Hose Service

Assortment and services

Our specialists from the hose service are at your side with advice:

          call +41 61 377 85 85 or send us an email!

All kinds of hoses:
  • Hydraulic hoses in all sizes and designs
  • Metal hoses
  • PTFE hoses
  • Industrial hoses
  • Hot water hose
  • Kärcher hose
  • Sewer cleaning hoses
  • Pipes and pipes
  • Hydraulic pipes and hydraulic lines
  • Parts, components and accessories for central lubrication
  • Parts, components and accessories for hydraulics
  • Hydraulic fittings

Hydraulic components
  • MLOF
  • BOF
  • MSOF
  • DKOL
  • DKOS
  • Glands
  • Greasable nipple
  • Seals
  • V-belt
  • Interlock
  • SAE flange
  • O-ring
  • Hydraulic cylinders and other cylinders

Services and services hose service
  • Hose repair
  • Hose service of all kinds
  • Hydraulic hose immediate service

Hydraulic hose service

Our hose service supplies ready-made hydraulic hoses and pipes as well as individual components suitable for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, vehicles and all other systems with hydraulic components.

At the Birsfelden headquarters, we are well equipped with hose presses, tools and an extensive stock of hydraulic parts.

We deliver all hydraulic hoses, couplings and fittings promptly. In urgent cases, simply bring your defective hydraulic hose over and we will make an exact copy for you!

In urgent cases

In urgent cases, simply bring your defective hydraulic hose and we will make a copy for you!
Daniel Mühle, our experienced hydraulic technician, will be happy to advise you and offer you a coffee while you wait.

We are HEIZMANN partner

As a HEIZMANN partner, we supply you with high-quality parts, usually promptly but in stock or otherwise within 24 hours.