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Vi er en innovativ, kundeorientert bedrift med kompetente medarbeidere.


Vårt firma historie

2018 Extension of the Birsfelden site with operation 2 at the Sternenfeldstrasse 8
2016 Admission of Nicolas Sameli (3rd generation)
2015 Opening of the branch Tuggen (SZ)
2014 Milestone in French-speaking Switzerland: New construction at Rte d'Yverdon 18 in Chavornay (VD)
2013 Moving from Cham to Inwil (LU)
2011 New branch in Otelfingen (ZH) with offices, workshops and a large storage area opened
2007 Branch Sins moves to Cham
2004 In Sins (AG) a new branch is opened
2004 Moving from Münsingen to the new building Konolfingen (BE). Finally a lot of space and a modern workshop!
2004 RUBAG celebrates the hundredth company anniversary
2003 Regensdorf branch (ZH) moves into a new storage yard in Stadel
2000 Regensdorf branch is being set up on an agency basis
1997 We are on the Internet at www.rubag.ch
1993 Move into a new building in Birsfelden with offices, workshops and spare parts warehouse
1990 Foundation of the Oberbüren (SG) branch
1985 Foundation of the Münsingen (BE) branch
1982 The IT aera begins
1977 One of our service vehicles
1974 Lukas J. Sameli takes over all RUBAG shares
1974 Takeover of the site in Birsfelden
1972 Son Lukas J. Sameli takes over the management. The company is located at Hirzbodenweg 87, Basel
1950 Company takeover by Jacques Sameli. In the picture the staff from the former location Bottmingen (BL): Susanne Sameli (sitting, 3rd from left) and Jacques Sameli (far right)
1930 A wellknown businessman, Mister Stächelin from Basel, takes over the entire share capital
1920 Our team in Zurich
1911 Already in the early years concrete mixers were an important product in the range
1904 Company founded in Zurich